Impregnation of cotton fabric with silver nanoparticles synthesized by dextran isolated from bacterial species Leuconostoc mesenteroides T3

This study was aimed to highlight the possibility of cotton fabric impregnation with silver nanoparticles synthesized by dextran isolated from Leuconostoc mesenteroides T3 in order to obtain antimicrobial properties. The fabrication of dextran was proved by FTIR spectroscopy. Particle sizes of synthesized dextran and silver nanoparticles were measured by dynamic light scattering method. The presence of silver nanoparticles on the surface of cotton fabric was

Hybrid calcium carbonate/polymer microparticles containing silver nanoparticles as antibacterial agents

We report here on synthesis and characterization of novel hybrid material consisting of silver nanoparticles (nAgs) embedded in calcium carbonate microparticles (μ-CaCO3) serving as carriers for sustained release. nAgs are commonly used as antimicrobial agents in many commercial products (textiles, cosmetics, and drugs). Although they are considered to be safe, their interactions with human organisms are still not fully understood; therefore it is important to