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Ultrasonic coating of medical textiles with antimicrobal nanoparticles

According to European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), every year 5-6% of patients come to nosocomial infections. Due to rapid spreading of superbacteria, resistant to any antibiotics the situation is becoming serious. Decreasing of the number of hospital infections can be obtained by using anitibacterial coatings at textiles. Textiles should be antibacterial, coating durable and not harmful for patients. There are plenty of coating technologies like spraying, dipping, painting, rolling etc. Main disadvantages of those technologies are high price, low durability on cycling washing, limited antibacterial properites and harmfulness for environment. Ultrasound and microwave technologies can overcome these obstacles. In our research we are using microwave technology (MSS) for producing highly antibacterial composites of ZnO-Ag which are used as antibacterial coating. Sonocoating technology is a known method for producing antibacterial coating on textiles [1], neverthless there is necessity for developing more efficient coatings using less hazardous substrates.

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