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The AMiCI WG2 workshop “Antimicrobial Coatings Applied in Healthcare Settings – Efficacy Testing”, Berlin, Germany

On 7-8 June 2018, the AMiCI WG2 workshop was held, combined with the Action Core Group Meeting, at the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) in Berlin, Germany.

The European Union COST Action AMiCI  brings together experts on the synthesis, use and assessment of unwanted side effects of antimicrobial coatings. The project is coordinated by dr. Francy Crijns (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Technology, NL. Working Group 2 is focused on performance assessment of AMCs; lab testing, field testing and benchmarking. WG Leader is Pete Askew (IMSL, UK).

The scientific programme of the WG2 workshop in Berlin was dedicated to efficacy testing of antimicrobial coatings applied in healthcare settings. The opening lecture was held by dr. Francy Crijns, providing an introduction to the AMiCI COST Action and highlighting the overall evolution and results of the Action so far. Go to presentation >.

WG2 Leader Pete Askew (IMSL, UK) gave a presentation on whether we can measure the activity and benefits of AMCs, outlining challenges, barriers, etc. Go to presentation >.

In his presentation, Martijn Riool of AMC (NL) elaborated on in-vitro approaches for the evaluation of antimicrobial surface designs. Go to presentation >.

Rinaldo van Meel (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, NL) presented the experiences and results so far of Zuyd field studies with AMCs. Go to presentation >.

James Redfern of Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) went into detail about environmental factors affecting drying time on plastic and potential issues associated with efficacy testing of antimicrobial surfaces. Go to presentation >.

Resistance selection on antimicrobial surfaces was the main topic of a presentation by Frank Schreiber (BAM, DE) and Martha Wrigley of NHS (UK) elaborated on the use of gloves in healthcare. Go to presentation >.

On behalf of OECD, Leon Van der Wal presented the OECD activities on efficacy and treated articles; working groups, guidelines, etc. Go to presentation >.

Finally, Ulrike Frank of the Swedish Chemicals Agency gave a presentation on the requirements for efficacy testing of treated articles according to BPR guidance. Go to presentation >.

The presentations, of considerable value and importance, were followed by an interactive and fruitful panel discussion on the priorities for the design of laboratory and field tests.

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