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Si TECHNOLOGY: Innovative Textile Functionalization

Innovative Textile Functionalization

Smart Inovation is a Portuguese nanotechnology company that offers innovative solutions for the functionalization of different materials in the scope of health, well-being and protection. Unique and innovative, the Si Technology is patented in 147 countries and offers multiple applications for multiple industries, products and materials.

The Si Technology consists of a matrix o nano/microparticles that can be fixed to different substracts and carry different active ingredients, providing materials with unique added-value properties and characteristics. The particles are made of silica (Si) and therefore have no toxicity or environmental impact. The same happens with the active ingredients used, which are non-toxic, ecofriendly, and WHO, FDA and EPA approved.

The Si Technology currently offers solutions to be incorporated in textiles, paint, varnish, ceramics, cement, artificial grass, cork and other materials.

Smart Inovation provides solutions for the textile industry to be incorporated in all types of fibres (natural and synthetic) and treat clothing, home textiles, socks, gloves, shoe lining, nets, carpets, rugs, non-wovens and others fabrics.

Si Bactericidal

The Si Bactericidal solution eliminates gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, without using silver or other toxic substances or metals. Highly effective and non-toxic, represents an asset in the prevention of nosocomial diseases, infections and bacteria related problems. It is also effective in fungus and has the capacity of odor neutralization of the threated fabrics.


Main advantages:

  • high durability and easy application
  • non-toxic
  • biocompatible
  • high efficacy
  • reduced costs
  • maximum benefit
  • ecofriendly

Patent registration number: WO2016016867-A1


Speaker Professional Name: Mário Brito
Academic Title: BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Job Function: CCO – Chief Commercial Officer
Speaker Short CV:

Mário Brito is a Mechanical Engineer graduate from Anglia Ruskin University in England, with work experience as project coordinator and production management. With a solid entrepreneurial vision obtained from his involvement with spin-off and start-up programs from the University of Maryland in the United States, he joined the Smart Inovation team in late 2012. Mário Brito is now the head of the commercial department at Smart Inovation, being responsible for all negotiations, contacts and international development of the company.

Download the brochure of Si Bactericidal product: pdf-dowload

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