Research Coordination and Capacity-building Objectives

The main objective of AMiCI action is to develop, structure, coordinate and maintain a long-term, flexible and open European network in the field of AMC in healthcare. The scientific field encompasses R&D of materials and coatings, testing, legal aspects and cleaning methods. Research coordination will not only include knowledge institutes, such as universities and applied science institutes, but will also incorporate producers, distributors, processors, policy makers and (end) users of AMC to ensure the best possible effectiveness and cross-fertilization. Research coordination to be achieved within this Action, will employ an interdisciplinary approach in order to bridge the fields involved and thus achieve high-impact results. The Action aims to coordinate international research efforts which will also include the collection and identification of information and data on AMC and performance assessment – with separate WG’s dedicated to performance assessment and risk-benefit analysis.

AMICI aims to strengthen AMC-related capacity in various ways and at different levels. Knowledge on the effects of AMC in healthcare (and other sectors) is continuously newly generated or even already available, in both the academic world and with industrial partners. But it is still fairly fragmented. This Action will provide coordination of international and intersectoral research efforts, by a variety of activities such as collaborating with existing projects, organizing new events, jointly developing and implementing working groups, etc. so that forces can be joined in combatting AMR. Closer collaboration and increasing organisation of available knowledge, will disclose state-of-theart nanotechnology and biotechnology knowledge, not only in the academic world but also to industrial partners. This will empower the latter to create more effective AMC and translate their innovation into tangible and successful new market applications. Not only will have this a great societal impact in terms of healthcare improvement but it has considerable economic benefits as well, as it will strengthen competitiveness of the sector. The Action strives to create a set of guidelines for stakeholders involved, containing standards, regulations, recommendations, etc. based on which they can select the appropriate safe and effective applications. This will support suppliers in developing safe-by-design coatings, a.o. based on available knowledge on possible adverse effects. It will also enable users in healthcare to make
an informed decision on which type of application is best suited for their individual environment.

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