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Metal nanoparticles and their polymer based composites for biological applications

Development of novel and innovative routes for metal nanoparticles (Au, Ag and Cu NPs) synthesis, different sizes (5-40 nm), shapes, and surface chemistry which makes them useful in a wide spectrum of applications.

Structural, morphological and optical characterization of NPs.

The focus on individual and particulary polymer/organic molecules functionalized nanoparticles which are prevented from agglomeration and oxidation, and also have improved physicochemical characteristics and functions.

Investigation antimicrobial activity of individual NPs and develop new hybrid nanocomposites with enhanced antimicrobial response for waste water purification.

Designe antimicrobial textiles, deposition NPs on cotton and polyester fabrics.

Functionalization of NPs with biological molecules for UV fluorescence labeling study of microbial cells.

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