First official AMiCI conference to be held in Heerlen (the Netherlands) 16-17 November’16

AMiCI WG meeting 16-17 November ’16 in Heerlen (the Netherlands) has been discussed and announced during the meeting in Porto. The draft program of the conference would include:

  • Welcome words by Zuyd member of the board/Action Chair
  • Short introduction to all WGs by WG Leaders/Vice Leaders
  • 2 Key Note Lectures: Leaders/Vice Leaders of Work Groups will decide on who will give the lecture.
  • Work Group 1 session (to be repeated for other WGs)
    • Discussion session around key questions related to each Work Group, with a shift system (World café model, introduced by prof. Dunne). WG leaders will prepare 4 questions each to facilitate discussion 1,5 hours. Deadline for questions is 2nd week in September.
    • Wrap up with conclusions and action plan, which will provide an input to a planned paper/publication based on the WGs work.
  • Poster market could be usable. Existing posters related to AMiCI themes are suitable.

Virtual CG meeting will be arranged before MC meeting in November 2016. Dr. Crijns will set the date (beginning of September)

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