Dr. Anne Kahru

Dr. Anne Kahru

Head of the Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology, Resesarch Professor of Estonian Academy of Sciences


National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Lab. of Environmental Toxicology
Tallinn, Estonia. | +372 6 398 373 |

Main activities of the department

Nanotoxicology, nanoexotoxicology, in vitro toxicology, microbiology, environmental pollutants, development of in vitro assays for analysis of antimicrobial compounds and evaluation of safety. (Keywords: nAg, nCuO, nMeOx; luminescent bacterial biosensors, nanotoxicology, nano-ecotoxicology (algae, Daphnia, Vibrio fischeri), toxicity libraries for QSARs)

Role in AMiCI

MC member, WG2 and WG3.

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