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Core Group Meeting in Porto (June 29th 2016)

The AMiCI Core Group Members gathered in Porto to discuss the major issues of the Action. The key issues have been touched upon and decisions made:

Overall strategy of the AMiCI Action to achieve action goals. Presentation prepared by Action Chair, dr Francy Crijns. Key decisions / issues:

  • Overall strategy
    • It was agreed that the word guideline (Deliverable WG2 and 4) is too strong in this context and it will be substituted with recommendation or expert opinion paper.
    • It was noted that making ‘an inventory/review on current knowledge of impact of AMCs on ecosystems’ is too ambitious for GP1, only parts will be achieved.
    • Mapping typical route of patient coming to the hospital would be interesting for WG4
    • Project should take into account patents on cleaning agents and not to only focus on commercially available products.
  • Mandates for WG Leaders/vice Leaders
    It was agreed that both WG Leaders and Vice leaders are allowed to participate CG meetings. It makes the Core Group, and the Action, stronger and ensures continuity if one key role player cannot attend a meeting. If someone of them is absent somebody from the WG can substitute the person.WG leader and vice leader decide together on the persons participating in WGs, eligible for reimbursement. In each WG there can be about 10 MC members and 10 other person taking into account requirement of separate countries, inclusiveness of countries and early career investigators. In total there should be about 20 members in each WG. It can be useful to define a ‘WG Core group’, which may change during the Action. It was noted that interaction between different WGs is vital.WG leader and vice leader prepare proposals on networking tools, such as WG activities STSMs and training schools, for the next GPs in order to achieve WG goals. They will be discussed in advance and presented to the MC for evaluation. For GP2, propositions on networking tools need to be prepared by WG Leaders and Vice Leaders before virtual Core Group meeting and MC meeting in November ’16.WG leader/vice leader will verify the texts to be published on the web pages.
  • Other strategy related matters
    Policy makers should be kept in mind while inviting people to AMICI meetings and events.
    CG proposes that prof. Dunne will be WG4 Leader and Dr. Modic WG4 Vice Leader. Official appointment will be voted in MC meeting in Heerlen 17 November ’16.

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